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  • Actually, you don't need to publish your entire site once again to the cgi-bin directory - just the pages from which you want the ads to be removed. So you can leave all your pictures, the images folder, the _borders folders, infact all other folders where they are. Simply transfer the htm files to the cgi-bin.

    Note: All pages containing FrontPage components must be uploaded to the cgi-bin. Read more on FrontPage components below.

  • If you find that some of the pictures in your pages are not loading, relax. That's no problem. Leave the pictures where they are, but the change their source from relative to absolute. This will be clear my means of this example:

    EXAMPLE: Suppose you have a picture called logo.gif embedded in you file index.htm and you find that this picture doesn't load when index.htm is loaded without ads.

    RESOLUTION: Change the source of the picture to the following: By doing this, your pages will also load faster.

    XXX is the name of your domain, say mysite.

  • All FrontPage components work perfectly well with no ads - and that we believe is the beauty of our perl script.
    Some of the most commonly used Frontpage components are:
         Search Form
         Discussion Web
         Feedback Form.

    To make a frontpage component work, before uploading your pages to the cgi-bin directory, you have to change the link to the page containing the component to the following:

    Where, XXX is your domain name say mysite, and YYY.htm is the name of the page containing the FrontPage component.

    EXAMPLE: Suppose the name of your domain is mysite and the name of the page containing a search form is disc1_srch.htm. Then, wherever a link to disc1_srch.htm appears, you have to change the link to,

    After having done this, you upload your pages containing FrontPage components to the cgi-bin.

  • The following can be important at times: Always name all your files in lower case. Also, the script doesn't support gaps in file names (for example a page called my hobbies.htm will not be loaded by our script. So make sure that there are no gaps in file names. Concatenate filenames using either the underscore as in my_hobbies.htm, or eleminate gaps altogether as in myhobbies.htm.

That's just about it. Can't think of anything else right now. Don't forget to check out the troubleshooting section for more information.

You are important to us as a customer. Feel free to contact us in case of problems. We make it a point to have your site up and running without ads.



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