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  •  Remove unwanted ads from your web pages and get a truly free AdsFree Web Page!

  • Hosting at a paid site with features comparable to those offered by say  (features such as FrontPage extensions and CGI Script Support) costs at least $7.00 - $10.00 per month for 10Mb of storage space. Using our amazing Ads Filter, you get 50Mb for life for just $5.00.

  • Your webpages load faster since there are no ad pictures to download and no cookies to place on visiotrs' computers etc. Your visitors thus save upto 45% on bandwidth, which means you can place that much more material on each page. 

  • You do not have to purchase a domain name; you save on domain registration charges too.

  • .This web development tool is very easy to install, and requires no configuration.

  • You can join a banner exchange program and easily recover this nominal investment of $5.00 with a matter of weeks.

  • We take you as our customer seriously. Consequently, we provide full after sales support and ensure that your site is up and running without ads.

  • For an extra $10.00, we will carry out all the required changes to your site and handover to you a fully functional site without ads.



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