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  Tutorial on How to ftp your pages to the cgi-bin.
  • Download Cute Ftp by clicking here.

  • Select Quick Connect from Cute Ftp.

  • This is important:

    The Host Address is
            The User ID is your domain name, say mysite.
            The password is your tripod password.

    I'm not sure about the ftp host address of other free hosting services, but they'll have it listed somewhere.

  • Once you are connected to, you'll see all your pages available on tripod. In the left window of Cute Ftp, you'll see files on your own hard disk.

  • If your website is not too big (say below 5 Mb), might as well ram the entire site into the cgi-bin. To accomplish this, simply drag the entire site from the left window and drop it into the cgi-bin in the right window.

  • If you are not too happy with placing the entire site in the cgi-bin, select the pages you don't want ads to appear in, and drop them into the cgi-bin.

  • Remember that whenever you update your pages, you gave to drop a copy of them into the cgi-bin.