Tripod has deleted many of our perl scripts for unknown reasons,due to which Songs page which also had the Song Discussion Board are not loading anymore.
I am working on the new pages.Until then I've put all the songs links on this page.All links work.

Real Audio

Mr Brownstone 873 Kb
Its So Easy 2.4 Mb
My World 726 Kb
November Rain 2.0 Mb
Civil War 1.7 Mb
Civil War 828 Kb
Don't Cry 549 Kb
Knocking On Heaven's Door 651 Kb
Pretty Tied Up 1.2 Mb
Since I Don't Have You 455 Kb

Live Versions

Chinese Democracy 307 Kb
Welcome To The Jungle 605 Kb
Madagascar 640 Kb
November Rain Live 871 Kb
Silkworms 413 Kb
Rocket Queen-St.Louis 258 Kb
The Blues 508 Kb
We Will Rock You-Freddie Mercury Tribute 290 Kb

Real Videos

Sweet Child O' Mine-Live In Tokyo 2.3 Mb
Sweet Child O' Mine 1.3 Mb