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Introducing the PPG Quill Pen, our new guild newsletter! Check it out, and don't forget to submit your articles, stories, or artwork!

PPG has just started a great new service for newbies in our guild, the Welcome Wagon. It helps introduce newbies to our guild, experienced members can apply to help!

SuperStar Pets are back! Have a forever pet that you think is extra special? Let us know. The last week of every month will have a themed entry. This month's theme is Water, so get those stories flowing!

Have you seen the fun stuff going on at Petpets, Paint Brushes, & More? Head on over and take a look, you won't be sorry.

The adoption Center will be closed until June 15. I'm going on vacation.


The Petpet Shop is closed for the next 2 weeks while some changes are being made. Please DO NOT send anything in right now.

Our Petpet Shop has opened! You can check it out by clicking -->HERE<--

The Paint Factory account (ppg_paint_factory) has been frozen. We'll be opening a new Paint Factory account(paintfactory), but for the time being, the Paint Factory is closed. Any donations to help the account get on it's feet would be greatly appreciated.

ALL FOSTER PARENTS: Please check to see which pets you have up & let me know if any changes need to be made.


The Adoption Center will be closed from the 21st to the 27th. I'm going to Baltimore for an extended weekend.


Our Fun Stuff Page has been updated. Why not check it out and see what the Food Shop is doing for fun this month?

ANYONE WITH GUILD BANNERS: All the guild images had to be moved due to the site we had them on closing down, so please update your banner HTML. The correct HTML with the new location can be found on the banners page.

It's been a slow news year, hasn't it? We'd point out the new guild color scheme to everybody (courtesy of KitCat), but of course, that's rather obvious on its own, isn't it?

Hrmmm... There seem to be a whole bunch of interesting things in Paint4Pet's shop. I wonder what they could be for? Maybe it has something to do with the big shindig she's planning on throwing for the guild's upcoming one year anniversary?

Due to family coming in for Christmas, I will be closing the Adoption Center through the holidays. Feel free to finish up any adoptions, send in updates, or new pets to be added. I'll be an update shortly after the new year.

Thanks for understanding.

OLDER FOSTER PARENTS: Please neomail bigmomma9195. There's a new link you need. Any foster parent that has been recently approved (within the past month or so) should already be getting the new link.

The Adoption center is open again. Why not go take a look & see if there's a pet that'll catch your eye?

The Paint Factory is up & running again. Thank you to everyone who donated & helped it get back on it's feet after what happened. Another reminder, DO NOT send items to tlc_88. The new Paint Factory account is ppg_paint_factory.

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