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To Submit your circuit:

Got a circuit? Then e-mail it to naveen_pn@yahoo.com (please put "Circuit Submit" in the subject line) . The submission should include the following:

1. The circuit diagram (in jpeg/gif format only)
2. Brief description of the circuit. (optional)
3. The category under which your circuit falls into.
(You can list more than one category. eg. Audio, Music, Radio)
4. Your Name & E-mail
5. Your Photo (optional) in jpeg/gif format (become famous!)

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To list your site on this website:

 If you have a website that contains information that you consider relates to electronics then you can submit a link to your website by filling out the form below (Fields marked with * are required) :


URL address to the link:

(eg. http://www.mysite.org/mylink.html)

Your Full Name:

E-mail address:

Category of the Link:

(You can enter more than one category eg. audio,music,computer etc)


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