The Beast of Barcelona

Growling, Snarling, the beast was once one of a major nemesis of Mac Loaf favourite 'Tin Can' Sally.

However, whilst engaging in a visit of nostalgia, Mac Loaf discovered the beast half-starved in the shutdown buildings of Earl Gray's former gym.

After much care, Mac Loaf coaxed the beast out, and was delighted to find its ravenous appetite also extended to returning to the ring.

The beast is desperate to repay its new master for rescuing it. Looks like you're in the way - did we mention that Mac hasn't fed it any more than is necessary? No? Just imagine how hungry it is now!

The eighth fighter bought into Mac Loaf's Gym from outside.
Pre-Mac Loaf record of 18-4-2 (2/0), 0-2-0 (0/0) in world championship fights.