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YaBBC Guide
What is YaBBC Code?
YaBBC code is a set of tags based on the HTML language that you may already be familiar with. They allow you to add formatting to your messages in the same way as HTML does, but have a simpler syntax and will never break the layout of the pages you are viewing.

All YaBBC tags can be "automatically wrapped" around text with the desired formatting, by first "selecting" or "highlighting" the text, and then pressing a YaBBC Code button.
The exceptions to YaBBC tag "auto wrapping" are the [hr], [list], [table], [tr] and [td] tags.

URL Hyperlinking Insert HyperlinkInsert Ftp Link
If URL Autolinking is enabled in a forum, you can simply type in the full address of the page you are linking to, and the hyperlink will be created automatically. Here are some example links:
Notice that if the address begins with www. you do not need to add the http:// part of the address. If the address does not begin with www. you will need to add the http:// section.

If you want to include the YaBBC Code, you may simply surround the address with [url] tags as shown below.
(The YaBBC Code tags are shown in red).
You can also include true hyperlinks using the [url] tag. Just use the following format:
[url=]Click here to visit the YaBB Community Forums[/url]
This will produce a hyperlink like this: Click here to visit the YaBB Community Forums.

Note that once again, you need not include the http:// if the address begins www.

The [ftp] and [link] YaBBC tags work in the same manner as the [url] tags, with the exception that the [link] tag(there is no insertion button for this tag) will open the clicked link in the present window, whereas the [url] tag opens the clicked link in a new window.

Adding Images Insert Image
To include a picture or graphic within the body of your message, you can simply surround the address of the image as shown here:
Note that the http:// part of the image URL is required for the [img] code. You can even create a thumbnail-type hyperlink by surrounding your [img] code with a [url] code like this:
This produces a link like this: 0.

Email Links Insert Email
To add a link to an email address, you can simply include the email address in your message like this:
Note that there must be a blank space, such as a space or a carriage return before the beginning of the address.

You can also use YaBBC Code tags to specify an email address, like this:
You can also add a true email hyperlink using the following format:
[]Click here to email me[/email]
This will produce a hyperlink like this: Click here to email me.

Bold, Underlined, Italic, Strikethrough, Subscript, Superscript and Teletype Text  BoldUnderlineItalicizedStrikethroughSubscriptSuperscriptTeletype
You can make text bold, underlined or italicized by simply surrounding your text with tags as shown below:
  • [b]some text[/b] produces some text
  • [u]some text[/u] produces some text
  • [i]some text[/i] produces some text
  • [s]some text[/s] produces some text
  • [sub]some text[/sub] produces some text
  • [sup]some text[/sup] produces some text
  • [tt]some text[/tt] produces some text
Glow, Shadow and Marquee Text GlowShadowMarquee
You can make text have a glow effect, shadowed effect or have it scroll horizontally by simply surrounding your text with tags as shown below:
  • [glow=red,2,300]Glowing text[/glow] produces: Glowing text
  • [shadow=red,left,300]Shadowed text[/shadow] produces: Shadowed text
  • [move]Marquee text[/move] produces: Marquee text
Using Different Sizes, Fonts and Colors Font SizeFont Face 
You can alter the size, color and font of text using the following tags:
  • [color=blue]some text[/color] produces some text (colored blue)
  • [size=4]some text[/size] produces some text (size 4 text)
  • [font=courier]some text[/font] produces some text (using courier font)
You can also combine all the various text formatting tags. This example uses bold, underlined, purple text:
[color=purple][u][b]Hey YaBBC is quite comprehensive![/b][/u][/color]
This example produces this:
Hey YaBBC is quite comprehensive!
Bulleted Lists Insert List
You can create bulleted lists in the following way:
[*]first bulleted item
[*]second bulleted item
This produces:
  • first bulleted item
  • second bulleted item
Note that you must remember to close the list with the [/list] tag.

Adding Tables Insert TableInsert Table ColumnInsert Table Row
You can create Tabled data in the following way:
[table] [tr] [td]data1 row1 [/td] [td]data2 row1 [/td] [/tr]
[tr] [td]data1 row2 [/td] [td]data2 row2 [/td] [/tr] [/table]
This produces:
data1 row1 data2 row1
data1 row2 data2 row2

Note that you must insert a space between [table] [tr] [td] tags and their respective closing tags.

Quoting Other Messages Insert Quote
To quote something that has already been posted, simply cut-and-paste the text you want to quote, and enclose it as follows:
[quote]To be or not to be...
That is the question![/quote]
The [quote] tags will automatically enclose the text in a identifiable "Quote" box.

To be or not to be...
That is the question!

Inserting Programming Code and Scripts Insert Code
If you want to post some programming source code, or perhaps some ASCII art, which would require a non-proportional font, you can use the [code] tag to achieve this. For example:
<script language="Javascript">
alert("Hello world!");
The [code] tags will automatically enclose the text in a identifiable "Code" box.

<script language="Javascript">
alert("Hello world!");

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