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Date:  11:29:14 P.M., July 29, 2002
Name:  timmy
Email address:  quite a list you have here. you're taste are catholic and thats a good thing.

Date:  11:30:06 P.M., July 29, 2002
Name:  timmy
Email address:
Comments:  hey it's not supppose to do that...

Date:  04:42:41 A.M., July 30, 2002
Name:  Phil
Email address:  phil-at-masstransfer-dot-net
Comments:  Timmy,

Thanks! The credit for the catholic selection, though, is due to John (Absintheur) who put the tape together. If you want to have a look at his review of one of my sets that I gave him, check out:

Disc One

Disc Two

Disc Three

Disc Four

As for the comment thing acting weird, it's a bug that seems to happen whenever someone doesn't specify an email address. I'll try to fix it at some point in the near future.

Good to get your comments!

Date:  02:46:35 A.M., August 05, 2002
Name:  stacey
Email address:
Comments:  Funny how the Insane Clown Posse shows up in the middle of a side.

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