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Date:  6:14:19 P.M., August 28, 2002
Name:  Mike V.
Email address:
Comments:  you are a sick, sick, man. i had to bite my lip from laughing too loudly as i read this. now i have to go home and read along whilst i listen. couldn't you use Flash and do the whole "follow the bouncing ball" thing with the "lyrics"?


actually Flash annoys me somewhat, but it would be interesting to see how well it would work...

Date:  1:32:05 P.M., August 30, 2002
Name:  Mike V. (again)
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Comments:  If you want to compare and contrast Shooby's version of SHM with the original... becomes even more humorous!

shoo shoo soo waah!

Date:  9:30:34 P.M., September 04, 2002
Name:  Phil
Email address:  phil-at-masstransfer-dot-net
Comments:  Heh, that's funny. Flash?! I don't know, man, I guess I could, but I'm no Flash wizard. Someone should do it, though! I want to make a video for "Believe In God Until You Die" someday, in Flash. Just imagine the visuals, including a shot of the Ralph Lowe glissando. I wonder if he pronounces his name like Ralph Fiennes does?

Date:  11:11:31 P.M., November 09, 2003
Name:  Brendan
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Comments:  HA! I love it... What did this take, like, two months of "slow time" or what!? :)

Date:  3:37:37 P.M., November 11, 2003
Name:  Phil
Email address:  phil-at-masstransfer-dot-net
Comments:  Glad you like it! It took about two months to decide to do it, but the actual transcription took about 4 hours or so. I did a lot of slowing-down of Shooby, though...half-speed, sometimes even quarter-speed to get all those syllables! The man sure could scat (RIP).

Date:  3:35:32 P.M., April 17, 2004
Name:  Cruella
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Comments:  Oh man! A friend gave me a disc with Shooby's inimitable version and I wept I was laughing so hard. On a whim yesterday, I googled Shooby, and found your transcription. I didn't think it was possible to enjoy that song more, but playing it, and following along... There aren't sufficient words to describe the experience! Wow.

Date:  9:37:44 P.M., April 21, 2004
Name:  Phil
Email address:  phil-at-masstransfer-dot-net
Comments:  Hey, terrific! If anything I've done can help someone enjoy Shooby even more, that makes me happy. I was listening to Shooby's version of "Over the Rainbow" today (the one with Erroll Garner, not the usual MP3) and thinking about doing another transcription -- it may be Shooby's most beautiful moment, and I mean that literally!

Date:  11:01:56 A.M., July 05, 2004
Name:  ernie tollar
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Comments:  the man was an unusual genius and wonderful spirit

Date:  2:11:17 P.M., October 03, 2006
Name:  marko
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Comments:  heheh nice
just wanted to say good job and thanks, i've searched for it a few times... for god knows what reason

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