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Date:  12:59:27 A.M., July 16, 2002
Name:  stacey
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Comments:  Just to be a comments completist I thought I would post on this one too. I don't know much about the Beach Boys, but those pictures of them recording with 100 people in the room (all of them Carol Kaye quality) are pretty durn impressive. They kind of got all alienated and wierd towards the end, so I bet some of the late model stuff is interesting.

Date:  01:11:18 A.M., July 16, 2002
Name:  stacey
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Comments:  Just went back and saw yer post about explaining what "playing the changes" meant. very well done. Now try to explain harmelodic theory to someone without a theory background.

About 10 years ago I invented my own scale, which I called the "Exploding Note" scale. It consisted of being able to (in Coltrane's "sheets of sound" manner) effortlessly and at high velocity throw off endless flurries of notes that were out of tune with whatever chord changes were going by. They were also (as much as possible) not associated with the tempo of the song in any way.

Basically, it was the ability to play every note in a mountainous flurry of notes out of tune, and being smart enough to not even hit an in-tune note by accident. I actually had charts and shit worked out, and would practice.

Is it any wonder I never got beyond the lowest levels of the Minneapolis music underground? people would wince and look down, and then I would get kicked out of another band... They don't understand, it took a lot of practice and unlearning to master the Exploding Note theory. I have had band members stop songs mid-set and ask me to tune, not realizing I was in better tune than they were.

Date:  04:40:26 A.M., July 22, 2002
Name:  Phil
Email address:  phil-at-masstransfer-dot-net
Comments:  Did you know that Carol Kaye -- at least at one time -- frequented a bass player's email list? I hardly realized her stature at the time, but now it seems remarkable that she should be willing to hang out like that! She seems like a really generous person and is very willing to share her knowledge and experiences, etc. I remember a post of hers about how to duplicate her muted tone using a block of foam rubber; I tried it, but didn't have the best luck with it.

"Now try to explain harmelodic theory to someone without a theory background." Heh, I think I'd need to have it explained to me first! I've had people tell me it's bullshit, but I'll have to check it out first before I sign on to their verdict.

Date:  06:42:45 A.M., March 23, 2011
Name:  Glalpaxeffoli
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Date:  05:30:19 A.M., October 07, 2013
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Date:  3:30:13 P.M., November 25, 2013
Name:  Gizem
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Date:  05:45:57 A.M., January 11, 2014
Name:  Charlesmi
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