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Date:  12:51:39 A.M., July 16, 2002
Name:  stacey
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Comments:  Hi How Are You is indeed a fine album. I'm sure you've noticed Speeding Motorcycle on a Target commercial. The first time I heard it I got that funny feeling, much the same as hearing Velvet Underground being used as bumper music on a tv cop show (CSI?).

I don't remember (and am too lazy to look) but if the song "Funeral Home" isn't on Hi How Are You, then you should attempt to find it.

Funeral home, funeral home
I'm going to the funeral home
Got me a coffin shiny and black
I'm going to the funeral home and never coming back...

I've got a live 7" of him performing this song. The audience is dead silent, and even the applause at the end seems confused.

Nice to meet you.

Date:  04:37:01 A.M., July 22, 2002
Name:  Phil
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Comments:  Nice to meet you too! I've never actually seen the Target commercial, but I heard the Mary Lou Lord cover on the radio. It didn't seem like that bad of an idea, but her voice really sabotages it -- makes it seem cloying and saccharine, which isn't in the original at all.

"Funeral Home" is on Continued Story, which I have kicking around but haven't listened to yet. I'll have to pull it out and give it a listen!

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