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Date:  3:20:45 P.M., August 08, 2010
Name:  eric b
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Comments:  Mayhaps you'd like this: [censored]

...and the other just-shy-of-overthinking-it posts about the English language on that charming blog (which is to say, not necessarily the posts about iced-tea and such, and that "overthinking it" is precisely the right amount of thinking).

[As I am not a spambot, I will have to tell you to search for a blog called "literal-minded" and a post called "Dickheads, Buttheads, and Assholes" and a few others, besides.]

Date:  12:57:26 A.M., June 05, 2012
Name:  Fat John (not Rakim)
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Comments:  Better late than never, mate! Looking forward to your visit!

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