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Date:  4:27:44 P.M., February 13, 2004
Name:  Margaret Davis
Email address:

Contact: Margaret Davis, personal assistant to Henry Grimes, (212)

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"Those having torches will pass them on to others," said Plato ...
or in the world of musical improvisers today ... they share them!


Henry Grimes and William Parker
duets for Malachi Favors Maghostut
Monday, February 16, 2OO4
University of Pennsylvania
Houston Hall in Perelman Quad
3417 Spruce St. at 34th St.
Philadelphia, PA
8 p.m., free!
(215) 898-4636, -6533, -4444,

An Ars Nova Workshop presentation
in the Philadelphia Jazz Legacy series

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There's a great new musician among us. He's new, but he has tremendous
musical knowledge, unsurpassed credentials, and the highest levels of
artistry at his command.

Who can this be?

Master bassist HENRY GRIMES, missing from the music world since the late
'6O's, has made an unprecedented comeback after receiving the gift of a bass
(a green one called Olive Oil!) from William Parker in December, 'O2 to
replace the instrument Henry had given up some 2O years earlier. Between the
mid-'5O's and the mid-'6O's, the Philadelphia-born, Juilliard-educated Henry
Grimes played brilliantly on some 5O albums with an enormous range of
musicians, including Albert Ayler, Don Cherry, Benny Goodman, Coleman
Hawkins, Roy Haynes, Lee Konitz, Steve Lacy, Charles Mingus (yes, Charles
Mingus), Gerry Mulligan, Sunny Murray, Perry Robinson, Sonny Rollins,
Roswell Rudd, Pharoah Sanders, Archie Shepp, Cecil Taylor, Charles Tyler,
McCoy Tyner, Rev. Frank Wright, and many more ... and then one day, for
reasons largely related to troubles in the music world in those days, he
walked away.

Many years passed with nothing heard from the great Henry Grimes, yet after
a very short while with his new bass, he emerged to begin working with Bobby
Bradford, Nels and Alex Cline, Joseph Jarman, and others at Billy Higgins's
World Stage, the Howling Monk, the Jazz Bakery, and Schindler House in the
Los Angeles area. On his triumphant return to New York City in May, Henry
Grimes played as special guest on two nights of the six-night Vision
Festival, gave live concerts and lengthy interviews on the air daily during
a five-day WKCR Henry Grimes Radio Festival, and offered a bass clinic
before 5O New York-area bassists who haven't stopped talking about him
since. He followed this with three virtually sold-out nights at Iridium in
New York City leading his own band. In New York, Henry Grimes has been
working for the first time with Rob Brown, Roy Campbell, Jr., Andrew
Cyrille, Sabir Mateen, William Parker, Marc Ribot, Warren Smith, and others.
He's played at the Vermont Jazz Center and Harvard University and toured six
cities in Italy and one in Slovenia in early December, 'O3, and plans in 'O4
include tours and festivals in Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, Holland,
Italy, Switzerland, and more. To the astonishment and joy of all, the man
is playing at the very height of his artistic powers (or indeed anyone's),
just as though he had never stopped at all! Still in his sixties, he's
healthy and strong, and his gentle, humble bearing and courageous life story
have inspired all those privileged to know him, hear him, or play music with
For further information about Henry Grimes:, , Voicemail (212) 841-O899.

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When Henry Grimes wanted to invite a fellow musician to play duets with him
in Philadelphia, whom should he call but the aforesaid WILLIAM PARKER?
Termed "the most consistently brilliant free jazz bassist of all time" by
"The Village Voice," Mr. Parker (who plays acoustic bass and also African
stringed instruments, Eastern horns, trumpet, percussion) has commanded a
unique degree of respect from fellow musicians throughout his career. He
was born in the Bronx in 1952, as a youngster studied with Richard Davis,
Jimmy Garrison, Milt Hinton, and Wilbur Ware, and also remembers when he was
about 12 years old being stunned to hear Henry Grimes playing bass in a
bowling alley in the Bronx! After entering the New York music world at the
age of 2O, Mr. Parker quickly became bassist of choice among his peers and
soon was invited to play with older, established musicians such as Ed
Blackwell, Don Cherry, Bill Dixon, Milford Graves, Billy Higgins, and Sunny
Murray. William's first recording was the classic Frank Lowe/ Joseph Jarman
album "Black Beings" (ESP, '73). He was bassist with the Cecil Taylor Unit
from 198O until the early '9O's and has also worked with Rashied Ali, Derek
Bailey, Billy Bang, Peter Brötzmann, Jerome Cooper, Charles Gayle, William
Hooker, Clifford Jordan, Jimmy Lyons, Joe McPhee, Roscoe Mitchell, Jemeel
Moondoc, Charles Tyler, David S. Ware, Philip Wilson, John Zorn, and
hundreds (possibly thousands) more. From the very beginnings of his musical
career, Mr. Parker has been prolific, composing music for almost all his
groups. His compositional skills span a wide range, comprising operas,
oratorios, ballets, scores, and soliloquies for solo instruments, as he has
extensively explored diverse concepts in instrumentation for large and small
ensembles, as well as for solo bass. He has successfully led and toured
with his groups In Order to Survive and the Little Huey Creative Music
Orchestra, to worldwide critical and popular acclaim. In his "Village
Voice" selections of the top 2O recordings of 'O2, Gary Giddins accurately
described William Parker's "Mingusian exultation and might." A Fire in the
Valley Festival brochure entry on William Parker reads, "His bass strings
often sound as though they're connected directly to the earth's molten core.
Listening to him play can make you feel as though you've visited the liquid
center of a very hot planet. Let the vibrations of his strings transmute
your soul to diamonds." A Roulette listing reads, "He has succeeded in
locking his music, idealism, and humanity into a groove."
For further information about William Parker:;;;

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For further information about Malachi Favors Maghostut:,1,1004767.story?c
oll=chi-newsobituaries-hed (all one continuous link).

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/mjd 2/O4

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Date:  5:20:38 P.M., February 13, 2004
Name:  Phil
Email address:  phil-at-masstransfer-dot-net
Comments:  You know, I think I might just go to this. Thanks! I wonder if William Parker will remember me? We met once, briefly, several years back...

Date:  6:24:18 P.M., June 28, 2005
Name:  Mary
Email address:
Comments:  You know I hear you speaking and saying things about certain bass players but the most awesome Bassist that I know is Mr.Lee Smith a bass player out of Philly and the father of Chrisitian Mcbride
and if you haven't heard him ,hear him

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