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Date:  9:27:37 P.M., January 30, 2002
Name:  scott
Email address:
Comments:  hi buddy. i'd just like to inform you that i'm finally in the process of compiling a cd of my songs for you. i've got about three songs down so far; there will probably be about eight! i hope you're well. maybe i'll give you a call sometime this week. cheers :)

Date:  01:29:05 A.M., February 01, 2002
Name:  me
Email address:
Comments:  Pay attention to me!
: )

Date:  02:16:49 A.M., February 02, 2002
Name:  Phil
Email address:  phil-at-masstransfer-dot-net
Comments:  Scott -- Fantastic! I look forward to it!

mememe -- my egg sandwich wasn't very good.

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